How To Send a Letter as an Email

The first step is to enter the patient's record that you wish to send an email to. To do this, click on the Patients button at the top of your screen. Select Open from the dropdown menu. Then select the patient from the Select Patient window.

Now you have the patient's record open, click the Letters button (shown below) which is situated near the top of the screen.

To open a particular letter, click on New in the top left hand corner of the window. The window below will appear which will allow you to select the letter you wish to send as an email.

To open the letter either double click on it, or click once and click OK in the bottom right of the window.

The letter is now open. To send this as an email, click the Email button towards the top of the screen (shown below).

The screen will look very similar. However, a bar will appear where you can enter the subject and the recipient of the email (shown below).

Rather than typing the email address out, you can click To. If the user has an email address entered into their patient record, it will appear at the top of the Send Email window shown below.

Click To in the bottom left of the window, the email address will now show in the box next to the To button. Click OK in the bottom right of the window to confirm.

You can add attachments to the email very easily. To do this, click on the Attach button (shown below).

After you have clicked Attach, the window below will appear. From this window you can select what you want to attach to the email. Once you have selected what you wish to attach, click Open in the bottom right of the window.

To send the email, click the Send button which is situated to the right of the Attach button.

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