How To Use the Marketing Field in Patient Properties?

The patient marketing field is a simple a way to record where the patient found out about the practice, whether it be an introduction by an existing patient, promotional leaflet or web search.

A basic list is pre-loaded into the dental software, but you can easily add more.

Reporting is available from both the main patient report, or the "New patient" report.

To add more options into the list enter Setup, then click on the Marketing button (shown below) which is situated under the Miscellaneous heading.

The Marketing Setup window will appear (shown below).

To add an item to the marketing list, click New in the bottom left of the window. The window below will appear.

Add the name of the item you wish to add to the marketing list into the text box then click Save. The items you have added will be displayed in the Marketing Setup window (shown below).

Now you have added the items you wish to, open a patient's record then click on the Properties button. Now you have the Patient's Properties window open, click on the Practice tab. Then you can select a response for marketing from the dropdown list (example below).

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