How Do I Make a HICAPS Claim?

Once you have entered and charged your treatment items, you need to claim for them.

Open the patients accounts window and click the HICAPS button, then HICAPS claim window will open.

All unpaid items are listed, select the required Patient, Merchant and Provider then click Benefit Claim.

The HICAPS terminal will now attempt to submit the claim.

Swipe the patient's card in the terminal.

The terminal should now attempt to dial.

If the transaction was approved then the amount of benefit and response will be applied to said items.

At the end of an attempted transaction a recipt will be printed from the terminal.

The received payment is allocated, shown in patient's account and the treatment item marked with the HICAPS logo and locked from changes.

It the transaction failed you will receive failed response message.

If the terminal is not found / turned on you will receive a failed transaction.

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