How Do Automated Recalls Work

SFD v6 now offers a completely automated recall system that works off the criteria selected by the end user. The set up your preferences, click on the SFD icon in the top left hand side of your screen and then select Setup.

Once you are in the Setup screen, select Recall Process which is situated within the miscellaneous section.

You will then be presented with all the Recall types you currently have setup. Double click on the Recall type you wish to configure.

First of all select how far in advance you wish the recalls to be processed, secondly select which method you wish to contact the patient by, lastly select which template you wish to be sent to the patient. Note that you can have up to 4 processes.

Now you are setup your recalls will now be processed automatically working off last exam date or last hygiene session if hygiene recall. The recall will not be processed if the patient currently has an active course of treatment or already has an appointment. Please get into the habit of closing your courses of treatment once all treatment is complete to optimise your recall rate and getting the best out of automated recalls.

To check your recall success rate, refer to the recalls report. Click on the SFD icon then select Reports.

Once you are in the report screen select the Recalls option.

From this report you can also view your follow up recalls and choose when to reprocess or how long you wish to defer their recall by.

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