How Do I Run a Payment and Allocation Report

The payment and allocations report allows you to view all payments made and which performers have had money allocated to them in a given period. To navigate to this report first select the tooth icon in the top left hand corner and then Reports.

You will then want to select Payment and Allocations which is at the top of the reports screen under Accounts. (You can also access it under the Patients section of reports.

You will first need to select Report in the top left hand corner.

You can then select which date range you’d like to report against.

Below is the default screen of the report. This lists each performer and how much money has been allocated to them from treatment which has been charged and paid for. There is also Unallocated which is money that has been entered onto the system but has not went to a performer (eg patient is in credit). The total amounts are also listed at the bottom.

You may find some entires have a star next to them (for example, Sales: Private (*) ). These are entires that have been carried forward from outside of the time range that the report has been run for. This is perfectly normaly if a payment is taken as a deposit and the work is carried out in a months time as an example.

You are able to split this report by performer, if you only want to see data entered within the period or if you just want to see the amount of money carried forward from previous months and now allocated. This is done by the Performer and Type drop down lists located at the top of the report under the date.

As well as the default screen of the report there are a few other tabs. Transactions shows all the individual allocations. Payments and Refunds show all payments and refunds that have occurred in the time period regardless of if they have been allocation. Deleted Payments show any payments which have been deleted and Discounts show and discounts that have been added on to a patient.

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