Systems for Dentists Ltd was founded in 1987 and has continued to provide quality dental practice management software ever since, working to promote and deploy our systems to dental practices primarily in The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

We strive to offer the best in dental practice management software, focusing not only on clinical practice but involving the entire practice team in the planning, running and management of the dental business. It is our belief that by working closely with every team member involved in the dental practice, we are able to ensure that systems are designed appropriately for each department. We endeavour to maximise the efficiency and communication between each team member regardless of their job role.

Systems for Dentists believe that every practice has the right to run their business in a manner most appropriate to themselves; we have worked hard to develop our software to enable flexibility while retaining enough structure to ensure quality.

From the conception of the company 29 years ago we have developed the software internally and we pride ourselves on building strong, long-term relationships with our clients who have direct access to programmers who not only understand the language of dentistry but are also very experienced in application development and computer systems from the most basic setup to corporate infrastructures.

Our clients are actively encouraged to make feature requests and propose ideas that they would like to see included in the systems future versions. Our UK based programmers ensure these suggestions are integrated and developed to give the best possible dental practice management software for all practices with regular updates - unlike some of our competitors.

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