Systems for Dentists Ltd are continually developing new and existing features that allow you to manage your dental practice more efficiently. Select any of the options below to read more about the key features we provide.

Appointment Book

Some of the Appointment Book's most impressive features are:

  • Unlimited number of appointment books
  • Colour-coded appointments based on reason
  • Appointment sessions based on patients scheme (i.e. NHS, private, dental plan)
  • Search for vacant appointments including multiple users
  • SMS and e-mail reminders
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Cancellation lists
  • On hold lists

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Treatment Planning

Dentistry is changing and practice management software has to change with it. Considering the importance of informed consent, curative planning and cosmetic treatment the days of a single dental treatment plan are limited.

SFD Version 6 offers the ability to plan as many treatments as you may require. All of these plans (will) remain on one treatment form, enabling you to print out a combined treatment plan for the patient, who can treat it like a shopping list and select the options required.

Each treatment plan is broken down into appointments and the treatment items required on that appointment highlighted. This information is automatically relayed to the reception area. The receptionist can then drag this information into an appropriate time slot.

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Patient Details

Some of the Patient Detail's key features are:

  • At a glance personal information
  • Patient flags for alerting patients status and conditions
  • Multiple addresses and telephone numbers
  • Scheme information for private, NHS and other insurance schemes
  • Practice related information
  • Medical warnings
  • GP contact details
  • Family member listings
  • Patient photo for ease of recognising and recalling patients
  • Custom fields for capturing information important to your practice
  • Date related information including last examination and last visit
  • Oral health scoring

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Appointment History

Some of the Appointment History's key features are:

  • List all historical and pending appointments
  • View a patient appointment score
  • See all details pertaining to the history of any appointment

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Periodontal Charting

Some of Peridontal Charting's main features are:

  • Periodontal Charting including showing existing restorations and missing teeth
  • Record Recession, Pocket Depth, Furcation, Mobility, Mucogingival junction, Calculus, Plaque, Bleeding and Suppuration
  • Automatic positioning - The user can define starting quadrant and direction to suit their individual preferences
  • 2, 4 or 6 point charting
  • Full graphical periodontal chart, with key for explaining to patients
  • BPE Scoring

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Clinical Notes

Some of Clinical Notes's main features are:

  • Almost unlimited note templates
  • Rich Text formatting, allowing for changes to Font, Size, Colour, Highlighting and much more
  • Same day editing of notes is allowed. All changes are recorded
  • Search functionality
  • Spell checking facility

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Medical History

Some of Medical Histories main features are:

  • Custom medical questions
  • Medical conditions
  • Free text notes
  • 3 distinct warning types
  • Full history
  • Patient signature capture
  • Patient self completion mode

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Patient Images

Some of the Patient Images key features are:

  • Image capture from most connected video devices
  • Scan images
  • Import images from your computer or camera
  • Basic image editing

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Patient Correspondence

Some of the Patient Correspondence's key features are:

  • Unlimited Templates
  • Internal Word processor
  • Scanning
  • Emails
  • Text Messaging
  • Manually input notes pertaining to communication
  • Import most popular document formats including DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML

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Links to Third Party Software

Some of the Links to Third Party Software's key benefits are:

  • All links are free to our clients
  • We link to the majority of Radiography programs
  • Medivision and Florida Probe links available

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