• Change Control Notes:
    Promoting More Effective Use of Skill Mix
    Personalisation of Recall Intervals
    Improving Care to High Needs Patients

  • CCN48
  • Patient Report - Packs

  • Change payment type

  • Virtual Terminal payments

  • Custom RAG scoring

  • Clinical Data Set Enhancements:
    Flexible Commissioning Flag
    Phased Treatment
    Custom Made Occlusal Appliance - Hard Bite
    Custom Made Occlusal Appliance - Soft Bite
    Denture Additions/Reline/Rebase
    Performed Crowns
    Advanced Perio Root Surface Debridement (RSD)

  • Clinical Data Set Enhancements:
    Flexible Commissioning Flag
    Phased Treatment
    Custom Made Occlusal Appliance - Hard Bite
    Custom Made Occlusal Appliance - Soft Bite
    Denture Additions/Reline/Rebase
    AGP Indicator
    Performed Crowns
    Advanced Perio Root Surface Debridement (RSD)

  • Clinical Data Set Enhancements:
    Custom Made Occlusal Appliance - Hard Bite
    Custom Made Occlusal Appliance - Soft Bite
    Denture Additions/Reline/Rebase
    AGP Indicator
    Periodontitis - Not possible / Edentulous options
    ACORN update CCN46/CCN47

  • SDR 153

  • NHS COVID triage added

  • ACORN - April 2020 EDI update
  • RAI - Transmission update

  • Patient Balances Report - Practice Level
  • SQIND - Auto selection of replace form.
  • CoT default page from transmission option.
  • Appointment Book - Quick View Patient Details option added.
  • Patient Treatment Hitory - Top Level Access.
  • Multi Practice - Quick Switch.
  • Multi Practice - Appointment Vacant Search updated.
  • Appointment Book - Updated colour scheme.
  • Denture / Reg 11 - Relaxed rules on number of Cot's
  • Messaging - "Logged on Users" option added.
  • Charting - Right click quick options added.
  • Appointment Occupancy Report - New.
  • Appointment Report - Additional exports.
  • NHS exemptions - Top level view.
  • NICE recall period automatically carried to recalls.
  • GP17PR alignment form utilities.

  • Secure Mail
  • Additional selection of mail attachments

  • GDPR

  • eDental - FfP Prior Approval testing
  • Referrals In By Report
  • Update - Referrals In Report
  • Update - Appointment Notes

  • Vistasoft - VDDS link
  • Perio compare merge field
  • Check / Validation of Type1 dentist
  • Transmissions - Updated Non-scheduled / Discrepancy tabs

  • The navigation tabs within the treatment form have been moved to above the chart to give a clearer view of the different sections.

    - “General” now gives a full screen view to ensure all data is displayed.

    - “Treatment” remains unchanged

    - “Chart” remains unchanged

    - “Memo” replaces the form specific notes tab. This is used to record notes related to a specific form but will not be time stamped and will not be classed as clinical notes.

  • Treatment Completion Screen auto notes have been updated to give a clearer view and more information than previous. This will be automatically applied to any current Treatment Completion Screens that you use.

  • You can now access the patients notes from the Perio screen if you have Wide-screen notes enabled in the Program Setup. (Please note that you still require a minimum resolution to enable Wide-screen notes.)
  • Updates to the UPG Software services for better functionality.
    You can now print a recipt or E-mail it to the patient using the default correspondence set up in the system.

  • User "Quick" Option added - Allows for quicker access to QuickCode setup.
  • Options added to enable/disable the editing of treatment desciptions and other performers items
  • "Sounds Like" checkbox added into patient search window.
  • You are now able to sort a patients correspondence by date or subject, in ascending or descending order.

  • eDental now live in Scotland. For more information about the changes to your workflow please click here.

  • Wireless Signature Pad - Countersigning
  • Appointments Report - Export

  • eDental - FfP testing
  • Risks & Benefits
  • Update - Patient Outstanding Report
  • Updated patient charges (1st April 2017)
  • Updated SDR (1st April 2017)
  • Appointment Cancellation drag double hit.

  • Custom Fillings

  • Appointment book - double click to book option added.
  • Notes - Direct treatment completion screen entry added.
  • Referrals - Automatic update of patient details.
  • Referral / Referring Letters - Updated selection screen.
  • Charting - Mini Implants added.
  • Charting - Updated closed gap.
  • Charting - Unerupted tooth display option added.
  • Charting - Decoronation added.
  • Wireless Signature Pad - Version 2.
  • Wireless Signature Pad - Details option added.
  • Wireless Signature Pad - New patients / family added.
  • Wireless Signature Pad - Quick checkout option added.
  • Treatment Estimates - Updated field selection and formats.
  • Library - Updated search parameters.
  • EyeFi - Updated save options.
  • Luminosity - Custom dashboard added.
  • Email - OAUTH option added.
  • Scribble - New scratch pad added.

  • Updated password policy enforcement
  • Introduction of a tooth count for permanent and deciduous decayed, missing and filled teeth (1st April 2016)
  • Introduction of Universal Credit exemption category (1st April 2016)
  • Introduction of Best practice prevention indicator for Wales (1st April 2016)

  • Time-Bar Period - Validation & icons updated.

  • Friends and Family Report - Updated
  • Patients Report - Appointment Duration added to query.
  • Treatment Completion - Automatic email option for the purpose of follow up or survey.

  • Updated - Video capture control
  • Patient Report - Most Valued Patient added.
  • GP17(PR) - Daily pre-print added (Please note new digital signature rules coming in April 2016).
  • Family Appointment - Default reason added.
  • Appointment - Patient Note.

  • Updated PDF component giving 10x speed improvement.

  • Tasks - Patient option added.
  • Waiting List - Expected patients selection added.

  • System Reports updated

  • Tasks - Recurrence updated.

  • Appointment - Treatment clipboard updated.

  • Notes - Automatic update to notes updated.

  • NHS - Prototype updated added.

  • Daily Reports - FTP upload option added.

  • Patient Treatment - Read-only option added.

  • Patient Notes - Sticky last quicktext folder added.

  • Updated - Appointment Notes Report

  • Appointment 4 week overview updated.

  • {Dentist.HICAPS} merge field added.

  • Patient Notes - Search added.

  • Treatment Item - Details. (Allows adding pre-defined details for more verbose estimates)

  • Accounts - Export of nominal ledgers added.

  • EyeFi integration added. FAQ

  • Automatic Recalls. FAQ
  • UOA filter added to UDA summary report. FAQ
  • Periodontal - multiple examinations per day added. SFD now allows multiple users to create separate periodontal exams on the same day.
  • GP17 - update to date of approval.
  • Discounts added to Payment & Allocation report.

  • Patients Accounts - Reverse chronological order option added. FAQ
  • Patient Notes - View price of item added. FAQ
  • Charting - Pontic over implant rendering improved.

  • Accounts Full - Deletion of posted invoice added.

  • Documents Report - Practice / Patient signature option added.

  • Postcode entry - Pressing ENTER triggers search as well as button.

  • Patient Accounts - When taking payment / processing refund remove the user ability to change default output option.

  • Accounts - Export nominal to Excel added.

  • Patient Accounts - Email receipt of transaction added. FAQ
  • Patient Accounts - UPG option now prints default letter for transaction.
  • Appointments - When creating new appointment, program looks at patient contact preference and automatically sets print or email if a default document is set.
  • Appointments - Print cancellation list option added.

  • Patient Detail - DOB as well as Age added to tooltip.

  • New Patient Report - The patient or contact who introduces to practice now shown.

  • Patient SMS - Next appointment date & time fields added to correspondence instant SMS.
  • Treatment Item Report - Export on product tab added.

  • Tasks - Categories added to setup. FAQ
  • Transmissions - History of who created the file shown.
  • Write Off's Report - Text column added.

  • Patient Report - Appointment Cancel filter extended to by patient / practice.

  • Treatment New - User setup now allows selection for default form type (general / orthodontic)

  • Patient Select - "Active Only" default added to setup.

  • Patient Properties - "Patient declined to give email" option added.

  • Appointment Reminders - Routine for combined appointments on same day updated.
  • Appointment Properties - Patient age added.
  • Petty Cash - Stick last account added.

  • Deletion of stored report templates added.
  • Patient Report - Next appointment column added to report.
  • Patient Perio - Mobility score of 0 displayed on chart.
  • New Patient Report - Marketing column added to printout.

  • imail - added. FAQ

  • Wireless signature pad - added. FAQ

  • DEPPA integration added. FAQ

  • DBSWIN 2-way intergration added. FAQ

  • payment processing added. FAQ

  • Patient Report - Tooth level reporting added. FAQ

  • Treatment - Updated supernumerary. FAQ

  • Patient Estimates - Scheme comparison option added. FAQ
  • Recalls - New automated recalls system added. FAQ
  • Patient - Nationality added.(Allows targeted correspondence in the patient's own language)

  • Patient Select - Email address added.

  • Web Appointment Book - Booking & cancellation email added.

  • Patient Details - "Referring In" added to Doctor / Referral option
  • Recalls - Option not to offer recalls to referral in patients.
  • FP17(PR) - Printing offsets added. (Some people have funny printers)

  • Contacts - Mailing option added. FAQ

  • Fixed - PatientPerio - Load previous chart option.

  • Treatment Completion Documents - Added. FAQ

  • Wide screen notes - Toggle on/off added.
  • Treatment Items Report - Charged filter added.

  • Apixia - digital imaging products
    Apixia external link added.

  • Documents - {Treatment.Chart} merge field added.

  • Laboratory Work - Updated. FAQ

  • Patients Report - "Without a postcode" option added.

  • Patients Report - Last DNA date added to report.

  • Patient Properties - Marketing patient or contact option added.

  • Patient Report - Administrator password added to SMS option.
  • Appointment Sessions - "Book on the Day" flag added.
  • SMS - Preview of SMS template added.

  • Patient Report - Final confirmation before sending SMS.

  • Human Resources

  • GP17 - "Patient Refused Treatment" option added.
  • Consult-PRO is the world leader in Dental Software
    Consult-PRO external link added.

  • Patient Notes - Updated order & reduction of network traffic.

  • Patient Report - Tooth level reporting added. FAQ

  • Patient Search - 100% increase in address search times.

  • Notes Report - Quick searching of all patient notes.

  • Patient Perio - "Load previous" option added on new examination.

  • Owandy - Dental Imaging System & Solution
    QuickVision external link added.

  • Patient Report - Additional flag level option added.

  • SMS - Date & Time format options added to setup.

  • Treatment Statement - Additional merge options added.

  • Family appointments - Clipboard option added.

  • Family appointments - Head of household or oldest female defaults to head of list.

  • Patient Treatment - Clear button added to search code entry.

  • Account Full (Products) - Print option added.

  • Panic Button - Silent mode option added.

  • Treatment Completion Screen - Reintroduced ability to make inactive.

  • Patient Images - Additional "Name" field added.

  • Balances Report - Invoice count option added.

  • Treatment Items Report - RRP monitoring added.

  • Patient SMS - Templates added to quick send.

  • Patient Images - Print option added.

  • SMS - Last FTA merge field added.

  • Patient Details - Recording of "Print Details" added to correnspondence.

  • Patient Details - Recording of access to records added.

  • User Defined Fields - Popup warning on opening patient record option added.

  • Patient Appointments - Hover over hints added for time arrived / seen / departed.

  • Transmission - Print option added for "Complete not Sent", "Outstanding Claims" and "Inbox Forms".

  • Transmission - New security group added to restrict overall access.

  • Documents - {Treatment.Proposed}, {Treatment.Completed}, (Last.Medical.Questionnaire} merge field added.

  • Account Full (Products) - Default sort order added.

  • Tasks - Search filter added.

  • Patient Correspondence - Same day editing of note enabled.

  • Patient Correspondence - Import of audio files added.

  • Patient Waiting List - "Order by" option added.

  • Fixed - Appointment Report - "Operation not Applicable" message on repeated query.

  • Fixed - Account Full (Invoice / Credit) - Override on transaction date .

  • Fixed - Appointment Book - Background colour invalid after leaving setup.

  • Patient Report - Mobile number lookup added.

  • Dental Contract Reform Programme - Pilot Released.

  • Medical Assessment - Search added.

  • Patient Treatment - Quick access buttons added.

  • Appointment Report - Cancellations updated.

  • Appointment Book - Repeating text appointments updated.

  • Patient Treatment - Drag & Drop appointments updated.

  • Caries - Early & Arrested stages added to charting.

  • Pathology - Lesion referral & image capture added.

  • Payments & Allocations - Deleted Payments List added.

  • Patient Social History - Default assessment added.

  • Dental Contract Reform Programme - First look RAG scoring.

  • Patient Report - Update - Status of last appointment added.

  • Wide Screen Notes - Option to show notes at same time as treatment.
  • Location procedures added.

  • Update to NHS prices in England, Wales for 1st April 2013.

  • Update to NHS exemptions in Isle of Man for 1st June 2013.

  • Update to NHS Scotland transmission.
  • iOX Dental Imaging Software
    iOX external link added.

  • SCANORA Dental Imaging SoftwareSCANORA external link added.

  • Quick Notes - Option added to group common items.

  • Sundry Report - Updated.

  • Patient Demographic - Updated to allow user defined grouping.
  • Dental Contract Pilot - "Use of English" added to patient properties.

  • Appointment Report - Updated to include additional reasons for appointment breakdown.

  • Fixed - Patients with blocked appointments removed from recall report.

  • Appointment Book - Wide print option added

  • Appointment Book (B4R4) - Update properties page.

  • Documents - {Patient.OHS} merge field added.
  • Appointment Book - Multiple appointments on same day icon added.

  • Patient OHS - Note per item added.

  • Recalls Report - Duplicate labels skipped on processing.
  • Appointment Book - Change of colour scheme for PLC to distinguish it from DNA.

  • Balances Report - Option to report "from date", this allows aged debtors / creditors report run from that date.

  • Documents - {User.Signature} merge field added.

  • Patient Perio - Furcation recording seperated out from depth.

  • Appointment Book (B4R4) - Block cancellation routine added.
  • Appointment Book - SMS added to block cancellation routine.
  • Appointment Book - Restriction removed on change of length / user of an appointment once marked as attended.

  • Fixed - Treatment estimate defaulted to patient's registered dentist rather than the course dentist.
  • BCDS - Urgent continuation flags re-introduced.
  • Appointment Properties - In addition to letters, email to patient on booking option added.

  • Updated - Patients Accounts Report, write-off option added.

  • Updated - Patients Accounts Report, write-off option added.

  • Updated - Patients Report, allows easier reporting on practice attendance.

  • Updated - Patients Details, last BPE date shown on screen.
  • Updated - Patients Details, new lollipop icon for Castleway.

  • Updated - Patients Report, allows reporting on item per patient, postcode area.

    Now open / save / edit options allowed as well as many more pre-definded reports.

  • Treatment Completion Screen - Export routine added.

  • Treatment Completion Screen - Performer search option added.

  • Fixed - Option on reprocessing alternative recalls for email / sms.

  • Patient Accounts - Default templates added to setup.

  • Patient Charting - Easy read mode added.

  • Postcode Report - New patient postcode report added.

  • Appointment Book - Points scoring feature added. FAQ

  • NHS Patient Exemption - auto removal of proof option fixed for under 18.
  • CliniView Dental Imaging SoftwareCLINIVIEW ™ external link added.

  • Balances Report - Option to report "to date", this allows aged debtors / creditors report run to that date.

  • Word Processor - {Patient.IsMale}, {Patient.IsFemale}, {Patient.Doctor.Name}, {Patient.Doctor.Address}, {Patient.Doctor.Address.Line} merge fields added.
  • Patient Report - "Change Status" option added, allows bulk de-registration etc

  • Balances Report - Filter on treatment status added.

  • Patients Report - Balances filter added.

  • Patient Treatment - Option on closing course to remove any appointments left on the clipboard.

  • Appointment Properties - Additional cancellation feature added.

  • Appointment Book - Split view option added allowing clipboards to be placed on the right hand side of the screen (Select from options menu).

  • Document Selection - Focus shifted to list by default and selection on scroll added.
  • Patient BPE - Scrollbar added to notes section.
  • Treatment Items Report - Extended product selection / search / filtering added.

  • Appointment Report - Reminder contact status added to FTA report.

  • Patient Report - Status change date now reportable.

  • Patient Report - Patient flags now reportable.

  • Documents Setup - Attachments can now be added to templates of emails, for example welcome packs and promotional leaflets. FAQ
  • Patient Properties - Marketing added. FAQ
  • Treatment - Fixed, Tooth specific quick codes.
  • Patient Report - "In treatment" added.
  • New Patients Report - Graphing added.

  • Appointment Book (B4R4) - Last users selected stored.
  • Patient Select - "In treatment" flag shown against patient.
  • Patient Details - New "In treatment" flag show on toolbar.

Appointment Book (B4R4) - Fixed issue with known Windows XP bug in TDateTimePicker control that allowed the appointment book to loop days until date selected.

Patient Correspondence - Fixed issue with quality of dispaly on zoom.
Patient Implants - Added.
Patient Recalls - Labels now recorded within patient correspondance.
Patient group memebrs added to family appointment selection.

Dashboard - Reminders - Print option added.
Accounts Report - Addition scrolling added for non-widescreen mode

Patient Recalls - Fixed re-processing of old recalls.
Appointment Book (B4R4) - "Lock calendar" mode added
Patient Details - Automatic date first attended re-introduced

System wide "Panic Button" option added. FAQ
Patient Payments - Finance company & remission added.
NHS Claims - Option to limit the number of claims in a year.
NHS Transmission - Reminder shows if not transmitted in x days added.
NHS Transmission - Optional dentist declaration added.
User Defined Fields - Fixed issue with memo displaying.
Payment & Allocation report - New report added.
Patient Balance Report - Active / Inactive filter added.
Patient Recalls - Labels option merged with main process routine to allow re-printing.

Word Processor - Fixed scaling of merged tables so they take the paragraph indent & selected font.

Word Processor - Right click spell correction added.

Word Processor - Fixed cut & paste issue using the popup menu.
Report Patient Payment - Nominal totals now print.
Prescription - Number of items & serial number added.

Patient charge increase for England coming into effect 1 April 2012
  • Band1 and urgent courses of treatment: charge to increase from £17.00 to £17.50
  • Band 2 charge increases from £47.00 to £48.00
  • Band 3 charge (and charge for supply of dental appliances) increases from £204.00 to £209.00

Appointment Book (B4R4) - Outstanding patients balance shown.
Contacts Setup - Address line shown.

Appointment Book (B4R4) - Text option added.

Backup Service - Additional reporting added for new release

Program Setup - Global locale settings added for currency / date / time.
Patient Details - Resized based on best screen resolution.
Recalls Report - Updated to allow single pass process.
Patient Correspondence - Notes now store first line as the subject.
Patient Correspondence - Fixed issue with recently converted client document display.
Appointments - Surname, Forename, DOB option added as default caption.
Appointments - Fixed issue with SMS when changing appointment.
Appointments - Fixed issue with resizing a moved appointment.
Petty Cash option added to menu dropdown menu.
Patient SMS - Fixed minor issue with manual sending.
Patient Perio - Fixed issue with refresh of new chart.
Patient Images - Fixed issue with thumbnail after capture.
Program Setup - Re-written to decrease access time.
Tooltips - Increased display duration.

Appointment Book - Additional information added to the balloon hint.

Patient Treatment - Charge / Complete linked option now added.
Patient Treatment - Mandatory Medical / Notes / BPE / AMS option for transmission added.
Patient Details - Additional "Outstanding Balance" popup option added.
Patient Treatment - X-ray date check / warning added.
UDA report - Individual dentist's allowed access to their own report.
End of day till - Confirm zero float added (you know who you are!)
Utilities - Generate households from address added.
User login - Change password option added.

Patient Treatment - Medical check per visit added. (Turn off in program setup if not required) FAQ

Patient Treatment - Treatment procedures added.

Patient Details - Format of address line merge field corrected to replacing last ',' with '.'

Treatment Completion Screens - Updated end user design added with additional checkbox, radio button, float, integer, and money fields.

Patient Treatment - Lingual Veneers added.

Patient BPE - Performers name added to table.

Accounts - Cash / Cheque / Card / Finance end of day routines split by tills.

Patient Treatment - New quick notes added to treatment item properties. FAQ

Image Capture - Additional input devices added to capture screen.

Backup - Compressed & non-compressed options added.

Patient Waiting List - Delete enabled.

Patient Correspondence - Print of draft email reverts the document to a letter.

Patient Correspondence - PDF support added allowing import & export direct to patient records.
Treatment Completion Screen - Additional reporting options added.
Patient Details - Additional print options added.
Appointment Book - Vacant search now allows selection of session type.
Backup - Option of compressed & non-compression added.
NHS transmission - Auto link to latest BPE added.
Balances Report - Printout options added.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Balances Report - Export added.

PatientTreatment - Uncomplete option added.
Patient Medical - Font name & size added.

Patient Correspondence - Export routines added
Patient Waiting List added.

Reports - Referrals Out added.

Reports - Documents Report added.

Patient Accounts - Drill down added.

Appointment Properties - Focus defaults to "Available Reasons" on opening

Charting - Full upper / lower denture quick buttons added.

Treatment - Checkout button added, posting out costs & appointments but retaining lock on the form, allowing reception to take payment / book appointments.

Patient BPE - Separate print routine button added.

Merge Fields - {Patient.Last.Exam} added.
Logon History Report added.

Patient Report - User Defined Fields added

Patient Assessment Screen report introduced.

Patient Details - Colour coded header.

Patient Details - Last X-ray date shown on home page.

Recalls - Option to turn off at treatment completion.

Merge Fields - As well as {Appointment.Change} we have split the from and to times into 2 new fields, {Appointment.Change.From} / {Appointment.Change.To}

Treatment - Naming of individual plans enabled, right click tab to access

Video Capture - Sticky last device. (It remembers last capture device used)

Prescription Module released.
Charting - Inlays / Onlays updated.
Patient Report - Birthdays list added from v5.
Appointment Book - B4R4 mode released

Charting - Improved load speed.

Patient Perio - Recording around implants added.

Email - Default account user account issue resolved.
Email - Outlook image correction added.
Email - Delete from outbox added.

MediaDent external link added.

Childsmile in Scotland

Patient BPE - Visible Plaque Score added.
Transmissions - Scottish Outstanding Claims / Complete Not Sent sections enabled.

Treatment Completion Screen / Patient Assessment Screen / User Defined Fields - Update to scroll properties to make navigation easier.

Patient Treatment - Background colour of treatment items changed to grey when claim completed
Patient Treatment Forms - NHS transmission date shown

Dashboard - Updated procedures

Patient Treatment Forms - FTA status shown
Patient Treatment - FTA claims default to last visit date rather than today if not entered in details.

Balance Report - Updated query for speed

Patient Correspondence - Print of imported document enabled
Patient Correspondence - Edit of subject enabled
Patient Correspondence - Delete of import enabled
Patient Details - Auto upper case enabled on title

Patient Images - Delete added.

Scottish Fees - Automatic extraction fee visit added.

Scottish Fees - Update released.

Patient Medical - Print with signature released.
Patient Daylist - Updated print routine.

NHS England - Custom KPI's added

Appointment Waiting - New Open / Seen & Open options added.

Patient Scan - New improved routines

Patient Details - Head of Household

Patient Details - Default SMS invoked

Payment Daylist - Updated

BCDS Activity report - Open courses added.

Recalls Report - Skip option added

Recalls Report - Follow up's
SMS - Updated selection routine

Patient Sundry Sales - Ability to choose which users can sell products added to user setup.
Patient Correspondence - Deletion of any document added (within security settings).

Patient Recalls - Updated
Treatment Entry - By Code method added

Patient Select - User defined default added.

Transmission - Print option for outbox & sent files

Treatment Items Report - Product report added.

Patient Notes - User defined default fontname / fontsize
Patient Details - Next recall date shown

Patient Details - Doctor / Referral telephone numbers displayed.
Patient Details - "Mail To" option added for external mailing.
Appointment book - 12 / 24hrs selection.

Patient Report - Attended within date range added

Word Processor - Sticky last type added.

Price List - Printing enabled.
Patient Sundry - Option to default charge against registered dentist added.
Emails - Unicode issue resolved

Internal messaging - Updated.
Contacts - Address information added to selection.

Patient Accounts - Automatic "Show all transactions" added to setup.

Multiple practice document printing added.

Patient Balance Report - Aged filter added.
Patient Balance Report - Print letter added.

Word processor - Additional contacts merge field added.
Patient Report - Recalls option added.

Patient Correspondence - Print enabled.

Patient Reports - Email output added.
Patient households input method updated.

Patient Images - Export function added.

Cashbook - Daily rollover option added.

Transmission - Performer override added.

Patient Accounts - Manual allocation of payments released (finally!).

Patient Payment - Date adjustment added.

Patient Letters - Copy locked document to new for editing added.

Appointment book - Session location popup fixed.

Patient Statements - Ability to turn printing on / off performer or total added.

Library section added - Fully self indexed document storage section with quick search.
Dashboard - Reminders section added showing daily status of reminders.

UDA Report - Updated

Appointment Book - More improvements to speed.

Appointment Book - Updated load routines to improve speed.
Scheduled backup added.

Patient Notes - Right click spell word spell check added.

Appointment book - Largest appointment interval for display now automatically chosen.
Product Price List - Copy item by percentage added.

Transmission - Updated completion screen.

Overdenture on implant added.

Quick Codes - Setup updated.
Treatment Completion Screen - Report added.
Patient Images - Importing images date / time updated.

Department of Health

Delivering Better Oral Health An evidence-based toolkit for prevention.

Overview of Change: Department of Health want dentist's to declare they are complying with the "Delivering better oral health" guidance. The dentist is expected to confirm this for every course of treatment.

The declaration is 'Best Practice Prevention according to delivering Better Oral Health offered'

This change applies to all general courses of treatment with a date of acceptance on or after 1 July 2011.

Scheme colour added - This is used as default colour for treatment appointments.
Patient Treatment Forms - BCDS type added to list.
Treatment Report - Reporting against no / current / past appointments added.
Patient Details - Current appointments makes a welcome return.

FTA reporting moved to service to improve load speed.

Updated exemptions on new patient added.
New Patients Report - Totals added.
Appointment Properties - Updated layout (more to come)

Appointment report extended.

Postcode lookup software enabled, contact sales for details.

DentalEye Dental Softwareexternal link added.

NHS fee scale increase.

Database Backup added to utilities

Accounts Invoice section updated

Accounts - Supplier batch nominal invoice added.

Patient Assessment section added.

Patient Assessment section added.

Accounts - Supplier Payments updated.
Patients - Print Details updated.

Accounts - Supplier Payments updated.
Patients - Print Details updated.

Patient Accounts - Delete enabled.
Patient Accounts - Print receipt after the fact added.

Merge patient utility added.
Recalls - Print list added.

Patient Correspondence - delete of scan enabled.
Large print appointment daylist added.

NHS schedule update.

Recalls - Email service enabled

Appointment Reminders - Automatic emails enabled.

Treatment Notes - Note of treatment item as well as description now appear as automatic notes.

Patient Medical - Option to load previous on new assessment.

Appointment book - Treatment clipboard order updated.

Transmission - Updated scroll bar on Inbox Forms / Files.

Tasks - logon checks & opens if required.

Patient Balance Report updated.
Transmissions - Outstanding Claims updated.

Treatment section - Proposed Post / Core & Post split.

Appointment Book - Change & Cancel contact routines updated.
Transmission - Receive timeout increased.

Appointment hold list - Original date displayed.
Transmission - Inbox Files updated

Pathology - Extraoral examination added.
Pathology - Print added.

Price List - Product filter added.
Payment Allocation report - Dentist/Hygienist breakdown.

Outstanding claims section added to transmission.

New Patient Report added.

Recall Report - Follow up option added.
Patient Report - Appointment filter added.

Appointment book SMS traffic lights fixed.

GP17 fee allocation updated.

Appointment Report - FTA.

Recalls Report - printing.

Updated deciduous chart.

SIDEXIS Dental Software SIDEXIS external link added.

Appointment vacant search enhancements.

Impacted tooth added to chart.
Last modified rather than created shown in popup notes.
Right-click menu options added to treatment notes.

Contact notes tab enabled.

NHS incomplete transmission claim enabled.
Patient allocation report, 'other' column added.

Patient notes history search added.

Treatment items report added.
Treatment items "for others" report added.
Closed gap added to chart layout.
Inactive patient's filtered from recall report.
Patient report date validation corrected.
Short daylist print "gap between appointments" added ala version 5.

Word processor patient contact & billing line added.

New Payment Allocation Report added (Part 2).

New Payment Allocation Report added (Part 1).

New Patient Payment Report added.

NHS Dental SoftwareStatement of Dental Remuneration 118.

NHS Dental Software Schedule report activated.

ProImage dental image software link added.

SMS report added.
SMS added to patient report.
Scottish approval flag.
Scottish GP17 approval fix.

User elevation added for dual login.
Short daylist print added to appointment book.
Treatment based reason added to daylist printout.

Patient account statement added.
Patient account invoice amended.

Reprocessing appointment reminders added.

New website launched.

Alternative recall selection added pre-print.

Description added per scan.

A description added per course of private treatment for ease of
Patient accounts discount enabled. (Reporting to follow)

Periodontal module updated.

Kodak digital x-ray external link added.
Schick external link added.
Aged columns added to Balances report.
Email service enabled.

MEDIVision external link added.

Guaranteed NHS option added to treatment properties.
Guaranteed NHS option charging enabled at form level.

Scottish NHS system added.

Roots now select whole tooth rather than individual roots, full
endodontic module will allow.

BCDS activity report sorting added for Magpies.

Added: Treatment report.

Patient report printing enabled.

BCDS activity report expanded.

Added: Patient account statement.

Fixed. Chart entry input form offset of right of screen.

Text messages (SMS) enabled.

Fixed. Appointment book automatically expands if appointment

Date left added to patient details front screen.

Appointment book: Option of duration showing within notes added.

Appointment book: Check for registered dentist / hygienist when
added from hold list.

Patient select: Auto-open patient if request by ID.

Treatment Item: Notes added to item properties.

Direct print of appointment card while booking appointment option

Fixed. Check for blank name in contacts properties gave error.

Improved. Account allocation & payment report speed.

Fixed. Unread but deleted internal messages included within displayed

Fixed. Recalls report filters inactive users.

Fixed. DT_RIGHT columns in report printing.

Deletion of treatment plan appointment enabled.

Charting P/-, -/P, D/-, -/D options enabled.

Family appointment booking added.

Default logged in performer applied to new periodontal / BPE exam.

Default document templates added to setup wizard.

Scheme added to patient select screen.

Auto-refresh of appointment book added.

New report format added.

Patient accounts report enhanced.

Deletion of user templates added.

I'll not bore you, simply various updates for conversion issues.

SOPRO external link added.

Changing of appointment day properties validation.

Patient report extended.

Patient Account reports.

Patient date left practice added to patient properties.

Balances report.

Transmission re-prepare batch added.
Transmission pending claims sort option added to grid.

Patient status added to system setup allowing additional status to be

Sticky last patient appointment, right click allows repeat booking
without lookup of patient.

Right click removal of "Treatment Appointment"

Additional patient flags added.

{Appointment.Last.FTA} merge field added.

User password edit protected field.

Item search added to treatment form.

Balances report split by balance type.

Appointment book
The required duration of appointment for treatment / cancellation /
holding moved to following line to allow viewing if long patient name. A
hint has been added for mouse over so the full appointment details
are visible if required.

Holding / moving appointment now resets the reminder flag, so if
reminder already sent and appointment moved a new remind will be
set on re-booking.

Holding list & treatment list sorted by patient name.

Late cancellation added. The same principle as DNA but reporting
reflects the difference.

Time of "Attended" / "In-surgery" / "Departed" added to appointment

On adding new patient system checks for matching patient record &
warns of duplication.

Additional patient flags added. (They will need to be enabled in Setup
| Program, please call support for advice)

Invoices merge fields added to account section of word processor.

Popup notes
Date / time / user added to caption.

Order reversed so newest shown first.

United Arab Emirates added to county selection.
Oman added to country selection.
United States added to country selection.

Digora external link added.

Quick code added to product setup as override on treatment form.

Default practice scheme added to setup.
Currency symbol added to estimate.

Fixed. Default report paper size set to A4.

Fixed. Mouse wheel issue on closed dataset in patient selection.

Fixed. Timed popup notes in closing patient.

Change of patient name reflected in appointment book.
Appointment 'Today' retains selected time.

Appointment colour fix applied.

Appointment reason to added to master patient appointments.

Appointment reason changed to added to patient appointments.

Block cancellation added to appointment book. (USE WITH CARE)
Patient ID added as an option to appointment display.

DBSWIN external link added.

Scaled pathology for entry on low resolution monitors.

Hygienist by dentist patient allocation report added.

Appointment book overview refresh.
Copy / paste added to appointment book setup.
Denture pricing added to product setup.

BCDS activity report added.

Appointment reminders report prints single letter per patient when multiple exists.

Appointments - Patient lookup added.

Vacant appointment search changed to ISO standard fixed.

Automatic treatment notes group.

Automatic treatment notes added.

SQL error in accounts patient account allocation report.

Access violation traced to TAdvToolBarPager component. Temp fix
applied, author informed.

NHS transmission.
Patient balance report.

Version 6 of dental software released.


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