Systems for Dentists Version 6 improves on the already successful Appointment Book style of Version 5

One of the main benefits of our appointment book style is familiarity. An operator who has experience of using Microsoft Office Outlook should feel quite familiar with the appointment book without a lot of training. The vertical columns signifies each practitioner or surgery, allowing for quick referencing with numerous showing on the screen at once.

The main benefit of an electronic appointment book has to be the speed and ease of use. A patient ringing up to ask when their next appointment is will be answered in a few seconds. Printing out appointment cards with all future appointments on is a matter of clicking a button rather than writing out a card that could take valuable time.

Version 6 Appointment Book retains the last slot visited in the Appointment Book for each patient. This means, for example, that if a patient is booking an appointment at the desk and a telephone caller interrupts you, you can deal with that caller and return to the appointment slot and deal with the first patient at the desk.

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