Writing clinical notes does not need to be a difficult and time-consuming process. With Systems For Dentists Version 6 you are able to create detailed clinical notes quickly.

Note templates allow for common information to be pasted into the notes section for editing. This can be customised to each dental practitioner. The ability to highlight and change fonts allows you to enhance your notation ensuring important information stands out.

To ensure that your notes are legally acceptable we enforce a "same day only" editing rule on all clinical notes. In addition to this we also record all changes. If they are required in the future all notes are time stamped, and include the name of all users logged to the terminal on which the notes are written.

Some users like to narrate their clinical notes using a Voice to Text engine such as Dragon Naturally Speaking. For this reason we have tested the clinical notes section with Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 and have had very positive results.

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