Why is There no Warning Flag When a Patient has a Medical Condition

There are four modes in which a medical question can fall:

None: This option is used when a medical question is informational, but does not require a warning flag to show in the patients record. Details are still stored in the medical section.

Flag: will display a flashing red medical warning, on the patient banner.

Text: when "text" is selected as the option for a medical question, the questions text will display in a pop-up message, whenever the patients record is opened. In addition the Flag (flashing red medical warning) will also be enabled.

Message: this option offers the urgent focus of the previous choice, but maintains a higher level of confidentiality. Some medical conditions are particularly confidential and the risk of another patient accidentally seeing the information pop-up on the screen could have disastrous ramifications. As such this option displays the text "MEDICAL ALERT" in a pop-up message every time the patients record is opened. This message locks the program until you acknowledge it, by clicking OK. Once dismissed you can easily enter the patients medical information screen to review the details of the condition.

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