Will We Need to Go Paper Based While you Convert our Current Software


Here at SFD we are experts in the development of dental software, as such we ensure all our conversions are written in a way that can be run at the practice. By working in this way we do not need to take your data away and manually convert it.

This offers a significant advantage to our clients over and above some of our competitors whom require the practice to work on paper for up to 2 weeks prior to installation and training.

Depending on the number of years you have been running your dental software, the size of your practice and the amount of data you record, the conversion process can take a significant amount of time. In these situations we may require you to have training on a Monday so the dental software data conversion process can run over the full weekend.

For more information on the data conversion process call our sales team on 0845 643 2828 or read the short article on "converting your dental software".

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