How Many Updates do you Release on a yearly Basis

We release updates when we feel it's necessary no matter how small the new function may be. We looked at the current market and looked at how other companies update their clients within a number of industries.

We felt that sending out media (CD's/DVD's) we would be too reliant on the postal service and the sites ability to load them on. If it was something that needed doing quickly like an NHS change for the 1st April we were not in control and could not guarantee the update arriving or be loaded on in time.

Some companies ring up and arrange the update to be loaded on at a designated time. We felt this took up a lot of a staff member's time and therefore would be very unproductive.

We decided to carry out automatic updates very similar to what Microsoft Windows do. The software connects to our server on a regular basis to see if there are any new updates. If there is, then it downloads it in the background and the next time you start the software you will be greeted with the "what's new" screen with your new update loaded on. We would like to make clear at no point during this process are we connected to your computer or your computer network. This makes updating our product very simple and easy.

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