How Do I Setup My Treatment Quick Codes?

Treatment quick codes allow you to enter your more commonly used items of treatment at the click of a button rather than searching for them within a treatment form. Each dentist / hygienist may choose which codes and in what order they are displayed.

To add a new quick code for a user, click on the SFD button in the top left hand corner of the screen, then go into Setup.

From there, click on the User setup button (shown below), located under the System bar.

From there highlight the user you would like to add the quick codes for and click on the Edit button (shown below).

Next, select the Quick Codes tab along the top of the window.

The List on the left hand side shows all the available quick codes you can add to the user. The right hand side shows all the quick codes the users currently has, in this case 0. To add a quick code, simply go down the list on the left hand side and highlight the code which you would like adding and click on the Add button, this will then move that code to the right hand side (shown below).

If you want to add multiple quick codes, you can also change the order in which they appear on the bar within a treatment form. To do this select the code you wish to move and click on either the Up or Down arrow buttons. Once you have added the codes you want, and are happy with the order, just click Save. The next time the user opens up a Treatment form, the quick code bar should be updated.

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