How Do I Choose Which Printer my Documents are Sent To

When you print a document it will automatically be sent to a default printer. You can change the printer your documents are sent to by taking the following steps.

First of all click on the tooth in the top left of your screen within SFD. From the dropdown menu select Setup. Now you are within the Setup, double click on the Printers icon, which is under the Documents subheading.

A Printer Settings window will open. Note that there are a number of tabs within this window. Under each tab there is a list of documents. Next to each document under the Printer heading it will say default (example shown below).

To change the printer for a particular document, double click on the document. The window below will appear. Choose the printer you desire from the dropdown menu.

Once you have chosen the printer and clicked Save the printer you selected will be shown under the Printer heading next to the document (shown below).

The document will now automatically be sent to the chosen printer.

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