How Do I Create a Recall Report

In SFD there is a very easy way of generating a list of patients that are due a recall. To do this, follow the steps below.

The first step is to open Reports. To do this click on the tooth button in the top left of SFD, then from the dropdown list click Reports. The next step is to click on the Recalls icon (shown below), which is under the Patients heading.

After clicking the Recalls button, click Report in the top left of the screen (shown below).

The Recalls Report Properties window will now appear (shown below). This window allows you to make your recall report very specific. In the General tab you can pick type of performer, you can also select specific performers. You can also select the process and the date. Under the Scheme tab you can select patients from specific schemes which can be helpful. Finally there is an Options tab. This allows you to select the order of output. Once you are happy with the values you have entered into this window, click OK in the bottom right of the screen.

After clicking OK, your recall report will be generated. A list of patient that fit your search criteria will be shown in a list format.

This list is available to print. To do this, simply click on the Print button at the top of the screen.

The Print window will appear, ensure the correct printer is selected then press OK.

Once the report is generated you can click the Process button. The Recalls Process window below will appear.

You can choose which method you want your recalls to be sent out via this window. For example, if you selected SMS everyone who has a valid mobile number in their patient record within the recall report will be sent a recall reminder via SMS. This is a very helpful tool which saves a lot of time by automating a process which could otherwise be very time-consuming.

Once the recall has been processed a green tick will appear under the column of which method you chose for recall (example below).

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