How To View Patients with Incomplete Treatment Without an Appointment

There may be a time where you wish to view all patients with incomplete courses of treatment so you can book appointments for these patients. In SFD there is a very easy way of doing this. The steps below walk you through the process.

The first step is to open Reports, to do this, click the tooth icon in the top left of SFD and then from the dropdown list select Reports.

Now you are in the Reports section of SFD click on the Forms report button (shown below).

Then click Report in the top left hand corner. The Treatment Report Properties window will appear. By default it will open in the General tab (shown below). From this window you can select the performer but you would leave this as 'any' if you wanted results for the practice as a whole. Next to Status, select 'In-complete'. Below Status there is a dropdown that is activated if you have selected 'In-complete' as the status. This dropdown list allows you to determine whether you wish to display courses of treatment that have actually been completed but have not been closed. Next to Has Appointment there is a dropdown list, select 'No' to display patients without appointments booked.

The next tab along is Dates (shown below). This tab allows you to run your report within a specific time period. You may only want to show patients with incomplete courses of treatment in the past year, for example. If this was the case underneath 'Date Form' enter the date as a year ago to the day.

Finally there is the Scheme tab. This allows you to show patients from specific schemes, so if you only want to show your private patients who have incomplete courses of treatment, for example, you can do so.

After entering all the values into the Treatment Report Properties window, click OK to generate your report.

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