How Can I Monitor Potential FTA Claims?

It can be a daunting task to monitor all of your claims. SFD has a feature which can help you keep on top of these claims.

To access this feature, click on the Options button and select Transmissions from the dropdown list (shown below).

At the top of the Transmission screen you have just opened, you have the ability to search for everyone's claims or just a specific performer's (shown below).

There are a number of tabs in the transmission screen, the Outstanding Claims tab will display all open claims. You will notice the claims will be displayed in white, orange or red (shown below).

The colour system is a good indicator and can help you prioritise certain claims. If the form number is displayed in white, it has been 0-14 days since the patient last visited. If orange, it has been 14-21 days and if red, it has been anytime time over 21 days. Therefore anything in red, as a practice you should be looking to complete these forms as soon as possible.

So this feature offers a very quick view of all your outstanding claims, therefore helping you monitor any potential FTA claims.

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