How Do I Run a Patient Balances Report

SFD gives you the ability to generate a list of patients who are either in debt or in credit with the practice. The steps below show you how to generate this list using the Balances report.

First of all enter the Reports section of SFD (shown below).

Now you are in the Reports section, click the balances button (shown below).

Now click on Report towards the top left of your screen, the window below will appear.

As you can see you have 4 dropdown boxes within this window. The first one is Balance. Here you can choose whether you wish to select patients who are either in credit or debit.

The next dropdown is Age (shown below). This dropdown allows you to select how long a patient has either owed money or been in credit for. However, you will see at the bottom of the dropdown list there is the option to date. If you select this option a date box will appear, here you can enter any date and the system will provide a report of all patients who owed money or were in credit up to this date.

Status is the next dropdown. This allows you to select whether you want to show Active or Inactive patients or both in your report.

The final dropdown is In Treatment. This gives you the ability to choose whether the patients are in treatment or not.

Once you have entered all your values into the Balances Report Properties window, click OK. Your report will look something like the example below.

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