How Do I Enter the Dentist's Performer Number and Pin into the System?

To be able to transmit treatment forms, each dentist needs to enter their performer number and pin into SFD so that the board can identify the performer when transmitting UDA's. To do this, follow the steps below.

First of all go to Setup, under the Miscellaneous section you will find the NHS BCDS button (shown below).

Once you are in BCDS you will see the Surgery's contract(s). Double click (or click Edit) on the contract the performer is a member of, or needs added to.

After selecting the contract the window below will appear. Click on the Members tab to see the list of performers who are under this contract.

Once you have clicked the members tab you can see a list of the dentists and the date that their contracts started (shown below). To add a performer to the contract, click the Add button. After you have added the performer they will now appear in the list.

Once you have selected the performer from the Members list, the window below will appear.

Enter the performer number and pin into the area highlighted above.

Note: Without adding in a valid performer number and pin you will not be able to transmit treatment forms to the board.

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