How Do I Create a Pop Up Note Within a Patient's Record?

When entering a patient's record you may want a pop up reminder to appear. To add one, follow the steps below.

Open the patient who you wish to add a pop up for. Once you are in their patient record, click on the Memo / popup button (shown below).

Select New to add a new pop up (shown below).

Once you have clicked New you can add in the content of the popup note, you can change the colour of the pop up using the drop down box towards the right of the window (shown below). Click OK when you have finished the pop up note to save it.

You will see that the pop up not is now visible from within the patient's record (example below).

Note: You can have more than one pop up on the patient's record. Follow the exact same steps again to add another.

Next time you enter the patients record the pop up will appear (example below).

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