How Do I Create a New Sundry Item? (Advanced)

This FAQ allows you to set stock numbers on your sundry items. For standard sundry item setup view this FAQ.

SFD allows you to create a sundry and stock list, making it easy to keep track of what's being sold and used within the surgery. The steps below guide you through how to add sundry items into the system.

The first step is to navigate to Accounts (Full). This can be found by clicking on the SFD icon in the top left of the screen (shown below).

You will see the screen below once you have entered Accounts (Full).

Choose Products to access the sundries section (shown above).

Click New (shown above) to add a sundry item to the list. The window below will appear.

Within this window you can fill in the relevant information about the sundry item.

Above you will see that there is a dropdown box for Type, which gives you the option Sundry or Stock. Select Sundry if the product is to be sold, select Stock if it's an item that is going to be used by the surgery, for example, gloves.

Click Save once you have finished entering the information into this window.

The sundry item you just added will now be present in the product list (example below).

To add how much stock of a particular sundry item you have, you would simply click the Stock In button.

You can then go ahead and fill out the quantity that you have in stock and the initial unit cost (shown below). This can be useful for accurate reporting on profit, loss and stock takes.

Every time you put in a new order for sundry items you should update this section. When a sundry is sold, SFD automatically deducts it from the quantity so you always know the level of stock at any one time. To check the stock levels take note of the figure in the Quantity column on the far right of the product list.

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