How Do I Add Additional Titles

The first step is to enter Setup.

Now you are in Setup, Click on the Program button.

Once you have clicked the Program button, the window below will appear. By default in will open in the General tab. Click on the Patient tab, which is the next tab along from the General tab.

Once you are in the Patient tab, you will notice that there are three further tabs within this. Click on the 3rd tab named Titles. The window below will appear.

The column on the left of this window holds all the patient titles that are available. Simply select a title you wish to add by clicking on it. Once the title is selected, simply click the Add button. This will now be shown in the Selected column. You also have the ability to remove titles, to do this simply click on the title in the Selected column, and then click the Remove button.

You also have the ability to move titles up and down the Selected column, this can be useful if you wish to display your most commonly used titles at the top. The Sort button will put these into alphabetical order if you for them to be displayed this way.

Once you are happy with your selected titles, click Save.

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