How To Set Up Text Message Recalls?

SFD allows you to send text messages, letters and emails for recalls. This FAQ will show you the steps needed to set up the SMS feature.

First of all you will need to create your templates for the text messages, first of all enter Setup.

Select SMS which is located in the Miscellaneous section.

Ensure that you have your text messaging account setup with your username and password (example below).

Click the Template button (shown above) to see your existing templates.

After clicking the template button, click New to add in a recall template. The screen below will appear, you can name the template and change the Type to Recall.

Your next step is to add in the content of your recall template (example below). Use the fields to generate the patients name and details by using the Insert Field option.

Once you are happy with the templates, click Save. The next step is to go back to Setup and select Recall Types which is situated in the Miscellaneous section.

SFD allows you to create your own recall types, for example, dental recall, 6 month check-up or hygiene recall. You can have a different text message template for each of the recall types that you add.

If you have setup recall types, the next step is to pick the text message template that you want to be sent out for each of the different types. Click on the recall type and click Edit to pick a template.

You will notice an SMS dropdown list, select the template that you would like to use for that recall from the dropdown list. Repeat this step for all of the recall types that you have set up.

Once you have finished these steps you are ready to run your recall report, to do this go to the menu and select Report (shown below).

Now you are in reports, select the Recall report (shown below).

Once you have run your recall report you will have a list of patients (example below).

If you don't want to send a text to everyone on the list you can use the toggle button to deselect certain patients, a red cross will be marked by the side of those patients who will not be sent an SMS message.

To prepare the recalls select the Process button.

Here's the part where you get to decide how you want your recalls to be sent out, depending on what you have set up you can do it via email, SMS, letter or labels. Click on the Send drop down and make your selection (shown below).

When you select the SMS you will see that Pre-selected appears underneath, this is the default text message template that you earlier set for the dentist recall. If you wanted to select a different template to send, you would simply click on the drop down box to see a list of the other recall templates that are saved within the system.

Select OK to prepare the text messages. You will see a green tick appear if this has been successful.

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