How To Set Receipt Templates for Account Items

The first step is to enter Setup.

Now you are in Setup, click on the Accounts icon (shown below).

Select the Correspondence tab.

From this window you can choose which receipt you want to use for each action. Click Save once you have made your selections. From now on if you make a payment and print out a receipt it will automatically pick up the receipt you have selected from this window.

Please note that you will have to create your own receipt templates. To do this enter Setup then click on the Documents icon.

Once you are in the documents section, click New to create a new template. Your template may look similar to the one below.

Once you are happy with your template, click Save As.

The window below will appear. Make sure you save your receipt in the Receipt folder.

You will now be able to select this template from the Correspondence tab within the Accounts window that was featured earlier in this article (shown below).

Now you are all setup when you enter a payment for example you will notice that the window has automatically selected the payment receipt for you (example below).

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