How To Schedule my Offline Back Up

Over the last few years we have started to use computers for more tasks; as such our data has become more important than ever. Ensuring you backup your dental software is imperative and here at Systems for Dentists we aim to simplify the task.

SFD V6 has a built in backup service, this service will make a copy of your dental software data at any time during the day you wish. The data can be compressed or uncompressed but either way it will contain a complete copy of your dental software (SFD) data.

To setup the backup service on the computer you wish the backup to be run on, click the SFD icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

SFD Logo - Click the logo to show the dental software menu

Click Setup

Select Setup from the drop down menu

In the miscellaneous section of the menu select backup

The Backup button found in the miscellaneous section of the setup screen

You should now see the following window

This window allows for the scheduling of the backup and selection of location

Make sure the "Active" check box is ticked

Click on the small folder icon at the end of the filename control

Now browse as you normally would to the folder or drive you wish to back up your data to, once you have the correct location, rename your file if you wish to and click open.

Select Location and name the backup

Now change the time to match your preferences and click ok.

Your automatic offline database backup is now configured; tomorrow you will see the result by looking at the disk icon in your dental software, click here for more details.

To test the backup routines are working as intended please follow this FAQ.

In the unlikely event you should experience any errors or if you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0845 643 2727.

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