Why Has the BPE Been Changed?

In accordance with the guidance from the British Society of Periodontology, we have updated Systems for Dentists flagship dental software V6 to allow recording of both the number and * to indicate furcation involvement.

When recording the BPE as shown above, pressing the corresponding number on your keyboard will automatically step to the next recoding pressing the * key will toggle furcation on and off. You can also use the mouse to add the recording by clicking on the down arrow next to each sextant.

Once you click save you will be returned to the following screen where you can review the BPE just recorded and any previous recordings.

For more information on BPE recording please see this document from the British Society of Periodontology.

Additional questions regarding our dental software should be directed to our contact page alternatively call our UK support team on 0845 643 2727.

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