How To Add a Sundry

As a practice you may sell sundry items. SFD v6 makes it very simple to add sundry sales to the Patient Account. To add a sundry item charge to a patient's account, click on the Sundry button at the top of the screen.

The window shown below will appear after clicking on the Sundry button.

To add a sundry item, click on the Add button in the bottom left of the window. You will be presented with the following window.

Select the sundry item you require from the list be clicking on it. You can also choose who wish the charge the sundry item against (choose from the Charge against dropdown). Finally you have the option to enter the quantity of the item you wish to add. Click the OK button to confirm.

Tip: If your practice has a lot of Sundry items setup, for speed you have a search filter at the top of the window, once you start typing the product list will narrow to match your search.

Once you have selected your sundry item(s) it will now show in the initial sundry item screen (example below).

The screen will now be updated with any prices/taxes etc. To remove anything made in error, simply click on the item you wish to delete then click the Delete button. Once you have added all sundry items required, click Save.

The sundry sale will now be shown in the list of transactions (example below).

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