How To Create a Repeating Text Appointment

There may be certain time slots you wish to add to your diary that occur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Your dental software makes this process very simple. Follow the steps below to learn how to do this.

First of all select the time slot where you wish to make the first of you repeating text appointments. In the example below, 2PM on Thursday 23rd of May has been selected.

Now that you have selected a time slot, click on the Add text appointment button (situated towards the top of the appointment screen).

You will now be presented with the following window.

First of all add your notes to the textbox (this is what will show on the main appointment screen). Then select the duration of your text appointment using the number edit named Duration. You can also assign a colour by selecting from the dropdown button.

In this example we are going to repeat Surgery Cleaning 1 day a week, every week for 12 months. The first step is to select For from the Repeat dropdown button. You will then be presented with the following options.

In this example I only want the appointment to occur once a week, therefore I select Days then make sure 1 is selected.

The next step is to select how frequently the appointment occurs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In this example I am going to set it so the appointment occurs once every week on a Thursday.

Once you have selected how often you wish the appointment to occur, click OK to confirm. Your appointments will now be added to the diary.

There may be circumstances where you wish to remove one of the text appointments. To do so right click on the appointment you wish to cancel and select from the menu.

When you click remove the following window will appear.

Select No if you only wish to remove the appointment you select or select Yes do remove all future appointments.

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