How Do I Generate an Estimate From a Treatment Form?

From any treatment form within your dental software you have the ability to create Estimate documents, which are helpful as they give your patient a good idea of what treatment they require and the cost associated.

Once you have added treatment items to a form, click on the Estimate button towards the top of the screen (shown below).

After clicking Estimate, you are presented with the following window.

Dependant on your setup you may have an estimate template for each scheme you offer at your dental practice. To open a template you can highlight the document by left clicking on it then click the OK button to open, or alternatively you can simply double click on the document.

Once you have clicked the OK button, your estimate will be generated with all the treatment items present on the treatment form. The example below gives you an idea what your estimate may look like.

Once you have generated your estimate you can do a number of things, the document is fully editable so you can add any further information you may feel necessary. You have to ability to save the estimate into the patient's correspondence. Alternatively you can print or email the document to the patient. All this can be done from the top left of the screen.

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