How To Add a Notification of a Patient's Outstanding Balance

Within your dental software you have the ability to make it mandatory that the system automatically notifies you that a patient owes money when opening up their patient record.

To activate this feature, click on the SFD button in the top left hand corner of the screen, and click on Setup (shown below).

From there click on the Program button (shown below), which is located under System Bar.

The Systems For Dentists ? System Setup window will be brought up (shown below).

Next, click on the Patient tab. Within this window (shown below) check the Warn of outstanding balance on opening record check box. Once that has been done, click on the Save button in the bottom left hand side of the window.

Once that has been activated, the next time you go into a patient record which has an outstanding balance, a dialogue box will appear, notifying you of how much the patient owes (shown below).

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