How To Add a Manual Patient Charge

Under certain circumstances you may wish to manually charge a patient within your dental software, one example is a fee for failure to attend an appointment. To do this, first of all open your desired patient the click on the Accounts button.

Now you are in the patient's account screen click on the Charge button towards the top of the screen.

You will then be presented with the Patient Charge window.

Just like the payments window you have the ability to choose a date in the past. The next option is to choose who the charge is to be put against (monies will be allocated to this user), simply select the performer from the dropdown or leave it on the default if you just wish to charge against the practice.

Next, enter the amount of this patient charge. This will update the totals section below.

You should also annotate the charge by adding notes into the note field.

You have the ability to print a receipt for the charge. Click OK to confirm the charge.

The charge (CHG) will now be present is the patient's lists of transactions.

As with all our dental software account functions the patients balance at the top of the screen will automatically update.

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