How Do I Issue a Prescription Within the System?

There will be times where you have to issue patients with prescriptions within your dental software. This is another feature that can be accessed from the Options menu from the patient record. First of all open the patient, click on the Options button then select Prescription from the dropdown menu (shown below).

After selecting Prescriptions from the menu you will be presented with the following window.

The first thing to do from the issue prescription window is to select the performer. Any existing prescriptions will be present next to items. To add a new item to the prescription screen, click the Add button towards the bottom left hand corner of the window. The following screen will then appear.

From this window you can search for a particular item using the search bar or you can use the dropdown to search for a particular category.

Select your item from the list by left clicking on the item, then click OK. The following window will appear.

Enter the start date, and then choose your quantity. Add instructions into the instruction text box, then click OK.

It will now appear in the item list in the initial Issue Prescription window.

You can add any notes into the notes field. You can also select a prescription template to print. Click OK to confirm.

Note: Before clicking OK, you have the ability to edit and delete items. To do this, use the Edit and Delete buttons.

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