How Do I Create Additional Patient Statuses?

Within your dental software, you have the ability to change a patient's status, by default the patient can be active or inactive (shown below), but you might want/need to put other reasons, for example moved away or on holiday.

To access the patient status setup, click on the SFD button in the top left hand corner of the screen and enter Setup.

From there click on the Patient Status button (shown below), which is located under the Miscellaneous bar.

The Setup window should now appear. This window will list all the current active options you have, which you can use within a patients properties. To edit any existing options, highlight the one you want and click on the Edit button. To create a new option click on the New button.

The New Patient Status Properties window should now appear. Within this window just enter the name of the status. Within the drop down list click on the type of status you want to create, this will be either Active or Inactive.

Once you have entered those details, click on the Save button. Your new patient status is now setup and ready to use within your dental software.

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