How To Import a PDF into a Patient's Correspondence?

Firstly, open the patient's record within your dental software. Next, click on the Correspondence button along the patient toolbar (shown below).

Within the patient's correspondence click on the Import button (shown below).

This will bring up the open window shown below, using this window, search for the PDF document that you would like to import, once you have located the document, left click on the item to highlight it, and click Open (Shown below).

You will now be taken back to the correspondence screen were your newly imported document will be visible in the centre of the screen.

To change the subject of the document within your dental software, simply right click on the document you have just imported to the right hand side of the screen, (shown below), and select subject.

This will bring up the window below, within the textbox type in the new subject name of the document and click OK.

If you check the left hand side of the screen again, you will notice that the name of the document will have changed.

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