How Do I Set Up TAPI Integration With my Dental Software?

Once the TAPI Driver is setup correctly simply open SFD, click on the SFD button in the top left hand corner and select Setup from the dropdown menu.

Now you are in the Setup screen of SFD click on the Program button.

Now click on the TAPI tab and you will be presented with the window shown below.

Select the line from the drop down list. Enter the area code and click Save.

Now call from a phone number stored in SFD against the patient and you will see the following in the bottom right hand corner, if several patients have the same number they will all show on separate cards:

Click on the patient's card and it will open that patient's record.

To call a patient from SFD, simply right click on the number and select call:

To hang up use the handset on the phone or click on the following icon.

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