How Do I Send Documents to my Contacts on Mass

SFDv6 allows you to print letters and prepare email on mass to send to your contacts that you have stored in your system. These can be general contacts, GP's, Hospitals and referral dentists. Follow the steps below to learn how.

First of all, click on the SFD button in the top left hand side of the screen. From the dropdown menu, select the Setup option.

Once you are in the Setup screen you can select one of the following options: General, Laboratories, Suppliers, Practices, Finance Companies or Referral.

The following window will appear once you have selected one of the above options.

To send a document to all, or select contacts click on the Mail button towards the bottom of the window.

Click in the boxes next to the name of the contact you wish to send a document to or alternatively click Select All at the bottom of the screen if you wish to send to everyone. Once you have selected your contact, click on either Letter or Email. The following window will appear.

Select the document you wish to print/email then click OK.

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