How To Change Day Properties?

To change the properties of a single day you will need to first navigate to that day and click on the down arrow next to the relevant performer’s name. This will then let you choose Day Properties from the drop down.

This will then bring up the appointment book properties and show you the settings of the time slots that are set by default. You can change these by choosing one of the options on the right; new, edit or delete.

If you select either new or edit it will bring up the session properties window, this will let you set the times of each session and the interval between each appointment. Please note that the last appointment time will need to be set at the interval before when you want the day to end (e.g. set to 12:55 if you are on 5 minute intervals and would like to finish at 13:00)

If you would like to close the day off completely then you can just tick the closed box at the bottom of the appointment book properties window.

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