What is Secure Mail and How Do I Use It?

We have introduced a new Secure Mail feature which allows you to securely send email attachments to recipients such as patients or referral dentists.

Sending a secure email is similar to sending a standard email within Systems for Dentists. Open a letter template within a patient’s correspondence, attach any files, select the recipient then select 'Secure'. The recipient then browses to d3nt4l.com (Secure mail). We also have a merge field under the miscellaneous tab which directs the recipient directly to this website.

The recipient then enters their email address and selects their mobile number (if more than one is present on their SFD record). A text message is sent containing a 6 digit code which can then be entered on screen. A password can now be created for future use. An SMS message will not be sent for future login attempts unless the user has requested a password reset.

All attachments sent to the recipient via secure mail is now present on screen and can be viewed by selecting it.

Our Operations Manager, Adam Vernon has created this short guide to demonstrate the process. Click the link below to view this.

Secure Mail http://www.sfd.co/client/examples/secure_email.mp4

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