How To Transmit a Form for Prior Approval

e-Prior Approvals through eDental are now available within SFD. This is already live on your system and below is a short guide on how to manage and process these.

As previous you will still be notified that a form requires approval by the green bar within the charge summary box located at the left of the treatment.

When the form is flagged as approval, an additional “Approval” section with be available in the general tab as shown below.

This will be blank initially but once sent for approval it will automatically populate with the relevant data.
To process the claim first click the “Details” button within this section to open a new window allowing you to enter the details of the claim.

The information on this is very similar to what you will already complete on the paper forms, the only exception is that you cannot attach electronic evidence when you first send the claim (Hence why the section is greyed out). Instead after the NHS have initially processed your claim they will send you a link to upload any radiographs or other data. This is provided to you within the “Response” tab of the same window and is located at the bottom in “Attachment Link” (shown below). After you have uploaded any necessary data you will then need to tick these boxes and resend. You will be able to monitor this response in the eDental section which is explained below.

Once the details have been filled out, or you have uploaded the additional information after you have received the link and ticked what you have attached, you will need to select “Prior Approval” under the “Transmit” dropdown.

This should now be transmitted to the NHS and the progress can be tracked in your “eDental” section located within the top dropdown.

In addition to the tabs you have had previously, there is now an “Approvals” tab as shown below.

This will present you with a few more tabs, these are:
Ready – Claims marked as Prior Approval and ready to send. (Please note you may have sent some of these off as paper claims already)
Waiting – Any claims that are waiting an initial response back from the NHS.
Status – The current status of your pending approvals.
Information Required – An attachment link has been provided for you to upload additional information. After uploaded you will need to tick the relevant boxes and retransmit the claim.
Active – All active claims.
Errors – Any errors that have been returned by the NHS
Updates – A daily status of any updates that have been received.
Expired – Any claims that have expired without approval.

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