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In Dental practices across the UK and Ireland, there has been a huge trend towards updating the way dentists and practice managers engage with their patients, both current and potential. Dental practices understand the importance of feedback from their patients to continually evolve and improve the services they offer to their patients. The truth is, people love to hear good news and more importantly good reviews. This gives them confidence when selecting a local practice, particularly if this is a decision made by a family, whereby they are also selecting a dentist for their children. Feedback is now a necessity, Patients expect to see reviews, staff recruitment is improved from a strong online reputation and regulators respect independence. Our online reputation management tool - Kudos provides all of this and so much more.

Kudos can help you to grow

As a leading expert in dental software, our solution ensures online reviews work for your practice immediately.

Key features include:

  • Email, SMS & paper review methods
  • Google star ratings & reviews
  • Reviews moderated before publication
  • Direct Referrals feature
  • Friends & Family Test capture
  • Reviews published on NHS Choices

Kudos (provided in partnership with working feedback) offers practices a regulated and effective tool when requesting feedback from each patient.

Benefits include:

  • Cross sell products and services
  • Generate more customer referrals
  • Build customer loyalty and trust
  • Satisfy compliance and regulatory standards (CQC/FCA)
  • Grow your online and digital reputation
  • Understand what you can do better

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