Dental Contract Reform Pilot - Version 3

Version 3 of the Dental Contract Reform Programme is being introduced on 1st April 2014. Systems For Dentists has completed the updates required and have kept the changes to a minimum. The main differences pilot sites will notice is the removal of the override options for domains, the reduction in the number of 3800 codes and the simplification of advanced care and referral options.

The requirement of a static medical questions list has been relaxed allowing the site to revert to their own list of questions (if required), tying them to a factor. Below you will see the addition of the "factor" field, you may change this value and your questions will be automatically updated to reflect the change.

Example of medical factors field.

The timing of the oral health review has been relaxed allowing it to be brought forward. If a patient is within their Care Pathway period and attend for an appointment then by default you will be offered a "Prevention / Treatment" form, but have the option of choosing an "Assessment" for Oral Health Review if required. Below you will see the addition option when creating new form.

Example of new treatment form.

The patient social history has been simplified and all questions are now linked directly to the modifying factors, you will notice the assessment is now age sensitive. Below you will see the changes from the previous screen to the adult and child version.

Old patient social history

Example of old patient social history.

Adult patient social history

Example of adult patient social history.

Child patient social history

Example of child patient social history.

The information required for advanced care and referral items has been reduced, you are no longer required to enter the levels and specialties. Below you will see the changes to the treatment item properties screen.

Old advanced care / referral options

Example of old advanced care / referral.

New advanced care / referral options

Example of new advanced care / referral.

If the guidance generated by the program was overridden an override reason was required. This requirement has now been removed. Below you will see an example of the old override, and the new one without.

Old assessment

Example of old assessment.

New assessment

Example of new assessment.

With the reduction of 3800 codes and closer linking to advice the new acceptance screen shows the results in a more simplified way. Below you will see an example of the new acceptance screen.

New acceptance

Example of new acceptance.

Finally there is no requirement to enter if the care pathway is complete or not, so the option on transmitting the claim has been removed.

Old care pathway status

Example of old claim screen.

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