AVG False Positive

AVG have now resolved this issue for us, and having checked the file properly has added it to their whitelist. Your AVG will automatically update in time, however you can force an update if you need to pack in the meantime.

We would like to thank you all for your patience during this issue.


We are aware of this issue and have spoken to AVG about it, rest assured SFD_TRAY and TAB_TRAY are both safe files and will not harm your computer.

AVG have a nice article about this and you can read it here.

Please do not hesitate to quarantine the file (Always better to be safe than sorry), we expect a resolution from AVG shortly.

Should you have an issue and need to pack your database in the meantime give our friendly support staff a call on 0845 643 2727 and we will happily maintain your dental software database for you.

This issue only affects SFDV5 and TAB

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