Going Paperless Delivers Rewards

Wireless Signature Pads Lead The Way To Going Paperless with Systems for Dentists

According to published research featured in a recent issue of BDJ in Practice, 84% of businesses recently surveyed achieve a commercial payback within 18 months of going paperless, with a further 26% achieving this within just six months of adopting a paper-free approach.

With other benefits highlighted including improved ability to service customers and increases in overall productivity, it makes sense to review what’s on offer to your practice from practice management software solutions in 2016.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing dental practise management software solutions and with nearly thirty years market experience, Systems for Dentists are well positioned to help forward thinking dental practices revolutionise your business with smart practice management software thinking in 2016.

And the latest version of our cutting edge technology is already creating a buzz with a growing number of UK dental practices contacting us to explore the benefits of going paperless in 2016.

And as just one increasingly popular paperless option, Wireless Signature Pads, from Systems for Dentists allow patients the ability to simply click, send and review mandatory documentation, from medical histories right through to consent forms.

The core benefit; translated in time and money savings is achieved through the completion of current manually signed forms instead being digitally created and captured, meaning an end to the necessity to collect and file signed paper records for those opting to take up signature pad technology in the future.

Available as an integrated component of Systems for Dentists V6 practice management software, and also as a standalone systems feature - growing demand from interested dental practices already suggests we are getting our approach to new software development just right.

“We’ve been delighted with the increased take up of our Wireless Signature Pads. The availability and acceptance of these present both choice and money and time saving solutions for dental practices looking to achieve even greater efficiencies and improve their patient experience further in the future” CEO Ryszard Jurowski was recently quoted saying.

“Having listened to the feedback of our client base, the availability of new wireless signature pads is simply a natural extension of our commitment in ensuring we respond to and continue to serve our marketplace with value added products and services that deliver sustainable impact and make a positive difference to their patient’s experience”.

And referring back to the published research article in BDJ in Practice, 2016 could be the perfect time to embrace going paperless, with organisations fast coming round to the idea that digitising content has both financial and operational benefits, stands to improve productivity and delivers return on investment.

And with Wireless Signature Pads and the availability of supporting systems solutions to embrace going paperless in 2016; if you are looking to take advantage of the latest technologies to make a digital imprint with your practice management ambition, our go paperless solutions can enable you to take advantage of the paperless revolution.

Backed by years of rich market knowledge, Systems for Dentists are perfectly poised to offer what’s required to help your practice continue to push the boundaries where going paperless is concerned.

And with a market drive predicated on staying at the front of the development curve for proactively developing intuitive software and value added solutions, coupled with an attractive offer, Systems for Dentists are perfectly set to continue to deliver to market a noticeable difference to systems efficiency and dental practice management.

If you are a Dentist looking to put your practice at the forefront of the latest technological advancements, we encourage you to get in touch.

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