24/7/365 access with Virtual Reception

Simulate an “open all hours” reception service for your patients with Virtual Reception from Systems for Dentists

If you are a forward thinking Dental Practice in the UK looking to simulate an “open all hours” reception service for your patients through clever advancements in practice management system technologies, with the help of Systems for Dentists, you will now be able to achieve your ambition.

Thanks to our revolutionary approach and latest developments, 24/7/365 days a year access for patients can now be a practical reality.

Made possible by bringing to market e-based development solutions as an extension of our existing successful dental practice management software services, for Dental Practices who run V6 Practice Management from Systems for Dentists, or switch to the system in the future, you'll be able to radically improve your accessibility in the dental market place to patients through Virtual Reception, offering the very latest in on line access and real time technologies.

And if you are a dental practice looking to adopt an open door approach through our new on line patient portal, you will be able to look forward to being accessible on line – 24/7, improving your patients’ experience, making cost savings, driving up profits and achieving even greater operational efficiencies.

Virtual Reception, as part of V6 Dental Practice Management System is set to open up a host of benefits if your Dental Practice is looking to take an innovative lead through the simplicity of open door reception access through the clever portal to patients in your care.

The attractiveness for dental receptions always being able to be “accessible” through the arrival of on-line booking functionality, with patients able to book, move, cancel and view their own appointment information for instance is just one feature sure to be a popular and welcome benefit where convenience and avoiding missed appointments is concerned for all.

Two way communication at the click of a button and instant self-service functionality means patients will be able to review consent forms, post-operative care and estimates, amongst a plethora of other hosted information. And with timely access to personal records, data and treatment images, as granted by your Practice, the new portal offers a more effective and open exchange between your Practices and your patients leading to an enhanced customer experience.

Add to this your patient’s ability to pay for treatment in an instant via an embedded secure payment gateway, reductions in practice administration, cost savings in resourcing and reductions in printing costs through forms being available for completion on line and you will be quick to see why “Virtual Reception” makes complete commercial sense.

And its not only your dental practices, but patients in your care who can also enjoy and look forward to a whole array of fantastic benefits.

Through the portal, patients will be able to gain access 24/7 to review and amend their own dental appointments on-line, synchronise these with electronic calendars, complete mandatory information on line instead of having to fill in time consuming paper work and forms at your surgery.

Other features mean they can also be amongst the first to review the latest marketing offers and event share tweets relating to your practice, depending on the range of functional enhancements your dental practice is offering through its portal interface.

And at Systems for Dentists, we're absolutely delighted to be at the very forefront of the practise management development curve;

Having listened to our customers very carefully, we hope to have been quick to identify and understand the critical importance of communication, driving efficiencies and bringing to market development solutions to meet the operational and commercial needs of UK Dentists.

The development of Virtual Reception is just one of the innovations we are delivering to ensure we stay at the touchpoint of our relationship with our client base and respond to opportunities and the demands of our marketplace.

We hope that the investments we are continuing to make and the potential that Virtual Reception offers to market will continue to act as a catalyst for growth and for shaping emerging future technologies in the UK dental market.

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