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Integration between your practice management software and digital radiography has been an issue for dental practices since the early days of digital radiography.

Here at Systems for Dentists we believe in ensuring your freedom to choose the digital radiography package that suits you and your practice best, rather than being forced into a corner by your practice management software. For this reason we have decided to keep all our links to third party radiography systems free.

If you prefer the diagnostic quality and speed of a wired sensor or the patient comfort of a phosphor plate system we will link to the manufactures system, passing over the required patient information into their software. In most cases we will even open the program for you, so access to your patients X-rays is literally at a click of a button.

At present we have links for the following systems. If yours is not on the list itís simply because we have no clients that use that system. If the manufactures have an API we will link to the radiography software.

There are more than just Radiography systems that you may wish to link to your practice management software, one such example would be Patient Education Software. We are proud to offer these additional links to our clients and already have this functionality for:

Manually selecting patients in third party systems can be a thing of the past with Systems for Dentists Practice Management solutions, why not see how else we can assist you contact us today.

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