eDental November 2017

NHS Claims are changing, is your Practice Management Software Ready?

Do you intend to be submitting electronically using a practice management system before 1 January 2018 legislative date?

In 2016 Practitioner Services contacted you explaining the new eDental Payment and Approval system which “Goes Live” in January 2018. So now with the deadline imminent, a large number of practices are already using and benefiting from the improvements to greater efficiency and control over their claim management

Changing to eDental is not a choice, all Practice Management Software providers will have to either offer this service to their clients or practices will be forced to use the Practitioner Services web form solution

We here at Systems for Dentists, have worked tirelessly to ensure our Scottish clients are now enjoying these improvements as we speak

So being the first Dental Practice Management Software solution to be completely tested and approved we are already providing software to our NHS practices in Scotland right now!

So why not have a look at who is benefiting from this already by logging on to www.nhsnss.org/services/practitioner/dental

The benefits of eDental are hugely significant, but not all Dental Software is equal, so Systems for Dentists flagship system SFDv6 has been designed to be a powerful and intuitive fully featured Dental Practice Management Software without charging for each feature as a module

If you would like a free, no-obligation on-site demonstration of our solution please feel free to call our sales team on 0845 643 2828 or email sales@sfd.co

Whether you are a currently computerised or purely paper based, switching to Systems for Dentists is a quick and reliable process. You will be completely supported throughout the transition and beyond by our incredible Support Team who are on hand for any questions, problems or advice

For more information visit www.sfd.co or download our demo at www.sfd.co/demo

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