Next Generation of Dental Practice Management Software

Version 6 is a next generation Dental Practice Management software from Systems for Dentists Limited. Over the last 2 years we have developed this new version of our feature rich system, from the ground up ensuring the latest technologies have been implemented throughout.

Alongside all the standard features you would expect from any competitive Practice Management Software, we have developed additional features to help maximise efficiency of your business processes and reporting. Offering a fully featured accounting system, integrated email functionality, Task management system and other business tools makes SFD Version 6 a very attractive offering.

Having already converted clients from a variety of competitors softwareís including:

We have been pleased by the reception to the product in comparison to its peers.

Word processing has been made even easier within SFD, we have produced software with an inbuilt word processor for over 10 years now, in Version 6 this functionality has been improved upon greatly.

  • Import and Export documents in the most commonly used formats including Microsoft Words 2007 DOCX format.
  • New header and footer functions
  • Easy to create templates
  • Improved image handling
  • PDF and PDF/A export options
  • Multiple Documents open at once
  • Securely stored to ensure documents are not tampered with

Good quality Practice Management systems are not all about the software, support is also a key factor, though Version 6 offers great stability and reliability to its end users, no computer system is perfect and because of this support is vital. Here at Systems for Dentists we believe in forming long lasting working relationships with our clients, you have direct access to the development team, working together we produce a synergy improving our systems with your ideas to benefit both parties.

For more information on Version 6 please feel free to contact us. One of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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