Wireless Signature Pads

The SfD Wireless Signature Pad, can ensure your practice is entirely paperless, reducing your administrative burden and storage issues

SfD supports the integration of our Wireless Signature Pad technology. With our signature pad, patients can read and sign all documents present within SfD V6; this includes treatment estimates, consent forms, medical/ social questionnaires and NHS forms.

We supply the Exspect Linx 1020 which gives you everything you need to work the way you want. Featuring Windows 10 running on a 64-bit Quad Core Intel Processor and with dual band wifi for better connectivity.

- 2 full size USB ports.
- 1 x micro HDMI 1.4
- 1 x 13 pin connector
- Bluetooth 4.0
- 7,000 mAh battery with up to 7 hours use.

The Wireless Signature Pad is priced very competitively at 209 per tablet.
There is also a small monthly support charge of 10 which remains the same regardless of how many tablets you have.

Call our sales team to discuss how our Wireless Signature Pad can complement your SfD Practice Management Software, and help your practice to become entirely paper-free.

T: 0845 643 2828

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