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Understanding this is vital to enabling us to support our clients in their growth and development

The majority of dental business owners be they family run or a corporate group, are clinically based and spend much of their time focused on the delivery of dental care in addition to their management duties.

This can at times lead to a blindness surrounding the everyday operations and outputs of the practice. Good quality dental practice management software provides reporting functionality to ensure that the business owners and their managers have a proper insight into the business, however it is often too late to make significant changes when these reports are created or presented at the end of a reporting period.

Practice Dashboard gives you the information you need, wherever you are. Systems for Dentists believe in real time, at a glance reporting of key KPIs for your dental business. We have created the Practice Dashboard app to give you this information and allow you to react to problems without delay.

Practice Dashboard is an app that can be run on your smart phone or desktop PC, giving you an insight into the live operation of your dental business.

By glancing at the figures relating to your current day, you are able to gain a feel for how the team are functioning and highlight any operational challenges.

Home or away, you have the key information required to be reassured your team are operating according to the businessís standards and procedures regarding appointment booking, collection of monies and practice management. To ensure the Practice Dashboard works for your business, we offer the opportunity to add new KPIís that are useful to your practice.

Practice Dashboard is a complimentary service offered to all Systems for Dentists customers. Our support team will set it up within 48 hours of receiving your request

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